Argentina 0-3 Croatia Video Highlights: Argentina Crumbles Against The Blazers

FIFA World Cup 2018 between Argentina and Croatia ends 0-3 in favor of Croatia.

It is gradually becoming a torrid world cup outing for Argentina as they crumbled like a pack of cards and lost by 3 goals against the Croatians.

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Unconventional goal keeping from Caballero gave Croatia the lead 53 minutes into the game after he failed to clear the ball properly. Rebic was lurking around  and was quick to punish the keeper for his mistake as he fired the ball over him and into goal to make 1-0 for Croatia.

Lionel Messi during Argentina vs Croatia
Lionel Messi during Argentina vs Croatia – FIFA 2018 World Cup

11 minutes later, Argentina had a chance to score but Messi and co were unable to get the ball beyond the Croatian goal line. Moments later Modric shot the ball past Argentina’s goal keeper, Caballero to double the lead for Croatia.

Despite desperate substitutions, Argentina was unable to come up with anything to trouble the Croatians who went on in the final minutes for their third goal courtesy of Ivan Rakitic. 

3-0, it ended in favor of Craotia who now have a place in the Group 16 of the FIFA 2018 World Cup.